Wine Appreciation 2

Leader - Gerry Blacoe

The fourth Friday evening of each month at 7 pm.

We meet generally on the fourth Friday evening of each month at 7 pm.

Our aim is to promote a better understanding of wine, to learn more about the different varieties of wine from around the world, its many grape types and the subtleties of taste and aroma of each of these.

The group members take turns to hold meetings in their homes. The host supplies two bottles of wine, which are served at the correct temperature for tasting and pours a small amount of the first example into our tasting glasses.

The identity of the wine is concealed and we all grade it for colour, aroma and taste without knowing the identity. We compare notes and discuss our comments.

The second sample is then tasted in the same way and a comparison made between the two wines.

Wine Appreciation 2.jpg