Music for Pleasure

Leader - Margaret Shephard

This is a very small group at the moment and we would welcome more members. We meet once a month, usually on the first Wednesday in the month but this can vary according to members’ other commitments.


The members take it in turn to host the meetings in their own houses but those who do not have suitable accommodation are equally welcome to join us and share their discs with those who have the facilities.

We play a variety of music from discs, vinyl records or tapes. Our tastes range from light classical to popular songs from our youth. We play Gilbert & Sullivan, The Three Tenors, folk music, big bands, national music, Bing Crosby, Vera Lynn, Jimmy Shand, The Seekers, Michael Ball, songs from musicals and almost anything else you can name except modern noisy pop music and ‘heavy’ classical pieces.


We play our music purely for entertainment and enjoyment so do not analyse anything although we sometimes include background information if it seems relevant or desirable. Our aim is simply to share our favourite music with our friends and occasionally introduce them to something they have not heard before.

Last updated - 31 July 2020