Leader - Ros Tibbert

2nd & 4th Wednesday of each month at 10:00 hrs in Bourne Corn Exchange

NEW AGE KURLING was invented by someone who has a son who is disabled and uses a wheelchair. He asked his father to find him a game which he could play on equal terms with everyone else. Whereas Curling is played on ice with heavy stones, New Age Kurling is played on any reasonably smooth surface with plastic discs fitted with ball bearings to make them glide.


You don’t even have to bend to send the discs along the floor as we can supply you with a ‘pusher stick’ which can be adjusted in length.

This friendly group usually meet in the Main Hall of Bourne Corn Exchange (now labelled as South Kesteven Community Access Point and Library) on the second and fourth Wednesday mornings (10 am. to 12 noon) of each month where we play competitively in teams and in the second hour of each meeting various ‘fun’ kurling games are devised.


If possible any variation to this information will be notified directly to current members of the Group and also in the Newsletter.

If you feel you would like some gentle exercise in good company please come along and give the game a try or contact the Groups Co-ordinator.