Jigsaw Exchange

Leader - Richard Horne - Tel: 01778 571992 or 07504 120676 for details

The Jigsaw Exchange has now created a catalogue of over 75 jigsaws, which members are happy to share on a monthly (or longer), basis.

Meeting on the 3rd Friday of each month at 10.30am, the group exchanges jigsaws over a relaxed cup of tea and a chat, discussing everyone’s favourite ways of completing jigsaws.


Every member has a jigsaw catalogue and contact details of the group, to pre-order their jigsaws for the upcoming meeting.

The group leader keeps a track of who has which jigsaw, organise exchanges for those that can’t make the meetings, and keeps the catalogue up to date.


If you would like more jigsaw choice and to add your jigsaws to the catalogue, join the Jigsaw Exchange.

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